Jumping II, 2023
Mixed Media on Canvas
48 x 36 in | 121,92 x 91,44 cm

Price available upon request. Please contact the event concierge.
June 3-9, 2024

Jumping I: A Masterpiece by Joan Bofill

This striking painting, titled “Jumping I,” is a remarkable work by Spanish artist Joan Bofill. The artwork vividly captures the moment a horse and rider soar through the air during a jump. The horse, rendered with exquisite detail, showcases Bofill’s keen understanding of equine anatomy. Its muscular form and the taut lines of the bridle create a sense of power and grace. The rider, clad in a pink top and white breeches, is in perfect harmony with the horse, their posture emphasizing the focus and intensity required in equestrian jumping. The vibrant blue background accentuates the dynamic movement and height of the jump, creating a dramatic and captivating scene.

Bofill’s technique involves fluid brush strokes and a masterful use of color, creating pieces that are both dynamic and deeply expressive. His unique style and dedication to his craft have earned him recognition in the art world, making his works highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

In “Jumping I,” Bofill’s talent shines through in the way he captures the essence of equestrian jumping – the speed, the tension, and the harmonious connection between horse and rider. The painting not only showcases his technical skill but also his ability to evoke the thrill and beauty of the sport, making it a standout piece in his portfolio.