Narcissus video

Narcissus at La Cibeles, Madrid

Narcissus at Al Majaz, Sharjah, UAE


2015, Interactive Art Installation

Narcissus was born to show society’s obsession today:
Absolute self-centeredness by showing ourselves sharing pictures of ourselves.

Narcissus is a project that combines art and technology. It is a critique towards the ruling egocentrism in society today. Selfies are egocentrism’s highest expression and here is where we change things around. With Narcissus, the visitor is the protagonist.
The installation consists of a sculpture and a helmet. Helmet transmits wirelessly real-time images of the face of the wearer on the monumental sculpture. Faces are distorted leaving the sender helpless.
Morphing faces are displayed on Narcissus when using new images, distorting reality while leaving the participant helpless. That’s what happens when a picture of yours runs wildly on internet: No one knows where it will end up; you lose control over it.
The idea is to reflect on the subconscious and free dissemination of our image.

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