Conversations with Eric Michelson
Indian Ink and Watercolor on Arches Paper 14 x 9 cm | 5,5 x 3,54 in, 2022


A selection of multiple pieces where the timeless verses of William Blake intertwine with contemporary conversations between Eric Michelson and Bofill. This collection serves as a kaleidoscope of artistic expression, where Blake’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ and ‘Experience’ find a new resonance. The vivid strokes and delicate hues on each canvas echo the sentiment of ‘To see a World in a Grain of Sand.’ As the words of Blake guide the path, the modern-day exchange between Eric Michelson and Bofill enriches the narrative, like a dance between past and present, reminding us that ‘The soul of sweet delight can never be defiled,’ even as life unfolds its complex tapestry.

Calavera I:  “Life is a constant Miracle”
Mixed Media on Canvas 112 x 86 cm | 44,09 x 33,85 in, 2023

Joy and Woe II
Indian Ink and Charcoal on Canvas 84 x 146 cm | 33,07 x 55,90 in, 2023

Heaven in a Wild Flower III
Indian Ink and Charcoal on Canvas 170 x 142 cm | 66,92 x 16,53 in, 2023

Azul y Rojo
Mixed Media on Canvas 96 x 76 cm | 37,79 x 29,92 in, 2023