La Hie

2014, 04:50 min, color, sound
Film by Joan Bofill
Music by Pierre Bastien and Dogon

Where could one find a small mountain of teeth, an aerostat, a cobblestone ­laying machine, a complex system to predict the weather and the speed of the wind or the story of a mercenary and a damsel? That’s what the art of Raymond Roussel is all about: creating spaces that favor the most unusual encounters, engender creatures and machines never seen before. This is the case of the extraordinary “hie”: a device that following the development of the wind, composes a mosaic made with fine teeth only. Roussel’s bollard machines inspired Duchamp, Dalí and others like Carelman or Jacques Arseneault. We will see a century later how the same language and similar elements keep stimulating the imagination of great artists so as to offer new wonders.


2014, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, SPAIN


2014 La Hie. Hommage à Raymond Roussel
Conference with Arnau Puig, Albert Serra, Hermes Salceda and Joan Bofill