The Hanging of Stuart Cornfeld

2024 – In Post-Production

Produced, written and directed by Joan Bofill
Executive Producer Patricia Tejeiro
Co-writer Joan Marimón
Music by Javier Rodero

The Hanging of Stuart Cornfeld is a documentary directed by Joan Bofill that unfolds the life and lasting impact of the iconic American film producer, Stuart Cornfeld (1952-2020). As the visionary behind the rise of legendary filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro, David Lynch, and Steven Soderbergh, Cornfeld’s journey is one of inspiration and influence that has left an indelible mark on cinema.

Through conversations between Cornfeld and Bofill, the documentary uncovers his remarkable journey, illuminated against the backdrop of his battle with terminal illness. As Cornfeld shares his experiences, the film captures his unwavering courage and resilience, revealing the essence of a man who fearlessly embraced both life and mortality.

The Hanging of Stuart Cornfeld offers a dual perspective: one of introspection and vulnerability as Cornfeld opens his heart, and another of celebration and remembrance as Bofill captures the essence of his influence. Through this harmonious blend, the documentary paints a portrait of a film luminary and his profound legacy, inviting us to reflect on our own journeys and the legacies we leave behind in the tapestry of time.