Raymond Roussel: Le Jour de Gloire (The Day of Glory)

2016, 01:09 min, color, sound

Produced, written and directed by Joan Bofill
Narrated in english and spanish by Jordi Mollà
Executive Producer Patricia Tejeiro
Co-writer Joan Marimón
Music by Javier Rodero

A documentary on Raymond Roussel, who inspired the surrealist group, Marcel Proust and countless novelists and artists of today, from Enrique Vila-Matas and Miquel Barceló to Jan Svankmajer. Taking as our point of departure the film ”Impressions de la Haute Mongolie” (1976), which Salvador Dalí and his director José Montes-Baquer dedicated to Roussel, different specialists including Michel Butor uncover the figure of this writer and poet on a journey through literature, music and the visual arts, taking us from Barcelona to Mallorca, Madrid, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the US. And from the microscopic ink-impregnated images to the most singular portrait of the human soul.



Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, SPAIN
Dalí-Roussel: paranoia crítica y cibernética textual

West Den Haag Museum, The Hague, NETHERLANDS
Roussel/Brisset/Duchamp Enginees of The Infra-Thin

Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona, SPAIN
Indian World Film Festival, hyderabad, INDIA

Filmoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona, SPAIN
Baff, Beirut, LEBANON
FILAF, Perpignan, FRANCE
Instituto Cervantes, New York, USA
Museu Picasso, Barcelona, SPAIN
Instituto Cervantes, Paris, FRANCE
Master of Arts film festival, Sofia, BULGARIA


2022 “Dalí-Roussel: paranoia crítica y cibernética textual“, Madrid, SPAIN
Participants: Joan Bofill and Hermes Salceda presented by Santiago Rubín de Celis at Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, SPAIN www.circulobellasartes.com

2017 “Talking about Art: John Ashbery and Raymond Roussel Legacy in contemporary Art”, New York, USA
Participants: Joan Bofill, Mary Ann Caws, Peter Consenstein, Sozita Goudouna and Thor Halvorssen. www.nyork.cervantes.es

2017 “Coloquio y proyección”, Barcelona, SPAIN
Conference with Joan Bofill, Emmanuel Guigon and Hermes Salceda. www.museupicasso.bcn.cat

2017 “Salvador Dalí and Raymond Roussel”, Paris, FRANCE
Conference with Joan Bofill, Nicolas Descharnes, Joaquim Sala-Sanahuja, Hermes Salceda and Antoni Taulé. www.paris.cervantes.es

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